Realtors and Investors

At Bella Casa we take our partnership with our Realtors and Investors very seriously.

Your success is our success.

With 9 out of 10 potential buyers (and sellers) viewing listings on the Internet FIRST, it is critically important that the photos they see are of a beautifully staged home. Often, without them realizing, by viewing these photos, they are actually “interviewing” you the listing Realtor at the same time. If the photos are not market ready, with one click, the house is out of consideration, and so are you.

At Bella Casa we work with many Investors (Flippers)  they truly understand the value of Home Staging their properties  Cable Television shows such as “Property Brothers ” and “Flip or Flop” are excellent examples of the transformation Home Staging provides after renovation.

Moreso, one of the biggest reasons our respect level is so high for our “Flippers” is their ability to identify neighborhoods and homes that have suffered from neglect and bring them back to glory.  It always amazes us when neighbors come in while we are staging and thank us (we always credit the Fippers) for improving their neighborhood.  They tell us incredible stories of what their neighborhoods used to be and their dreams for what it becoming again.  Pretty awesome!

Bella Casa is a fully licensed and insured organization. We are HSR certified Home Stagers and Redesigners with almost 30 years of Interior Design and Decorating experience. We are members in good standing with RESA, the only professional organization that regulates our industry, members of ASHSR, and proud members of both the Sun City Center and Southshore Chambers of Commerce.

We listen, we focus on how Bella Casa can help you sell faster and for more money.

Home Staging is not only very affordable, but statistics show the clients ROI is often over 300%, and Home Staging is ALWAYS less expensive than the first price reduction.

Why not phone Bella Casa today at (813) 690-7053  and discuss this mutually beneficial partnership.