Redesign is an affordable art and alternative to starting off completely new in your design or decorating process. Redesign is a practical and exciting approach to giving you the home of your dreams by incorporating your furniture and accessories. The ultimate re-purposing! Often called “One Day Makeovers”, re-design can make you feel like you stepped into a page of a magazine…except it’s all yours and affordable.


Moving into a new home, no matter how exciting is always a daunting task. Furniture placement, art and accessory placement in a new home can be overwhelming. Bella Casa Home Staging and Redesign, LLC. can take the stress out of your move by turning your new home to the new home of your dreams. Everyone wants that exciting “model home” look, but do not know how to do it. We do, and we do it well. Dream big, because with Bella Casa’s moving in service, we can make those dreams come true and so very affordable.


  • Color Consultations
  • Space Planning
  • Window Treatments
  • Shopping Services for Furnishings and so much more

Your dream home is one phone call away!

As in all services, every plan starts with an initial consultation. This is the getting to know the real you process; your hopes and desires for your home. With your dreams and our creative know how and imagination, we come up with the plan to have you reach your goals affordably. Call today for an appointment.

Consultation: $100