Home Staging

At Bella Casa Home Staging and Redesign, LLC., we are Certified Home Stagers and we recognize that your home is your most valuable asset, and, marketing your home for sale to maximize your profit from the sale of your home is one of the biggest business decisions you will make. Home Staging has evolved from simple de-cluttering, de-personalizing, and neutralizing a home to the full understanding of who the prospective buyer is and marketing the home with that buyers desires in mind. Home Staging is never about you, the owner, nor your realtor, or even about the personal tastes of the Stager, it is always and only about the target buyer. A smart seller and realtor understands the critical role proper staging or marketing plays in the selling process; they know Home Staging is always less expensive than the inevitable price reduction of an unstaged home. By having your home professionally staged by Bella Casa, your home will be presented competitively and at your very best in the market. Once staged, the home will have a strong presence in person and on the internet. With 90% of the buyers looking on the internet first, an unstaged home is always one click away from never being considered.

Bella Casa has a plan of action to suit every need and every budget; whether it is a little guidance you need or a complete home makeover; always with the goal to maximize the homes appeal. The more appealing the home, the faster it sells and for more money.

Each home and situation is unique and therefore the process will always begin with the initial consultation:

Bella Casa’s initial consultation is a complete assessment of your home’s interior and exterior. During this consultation, we will discuss traffic flow, condition, use of space, color, furniture, the need for editing, and demographic of prospective buyer. Recommendations will be made during this consult, so make sure you take notes! This is an informative verbal “Walk and Talk” that makes it possible for you to start the staging process with confidence. If time allows, Bella Casa will do a “mini transformation” of an area to impress upon you the power of Staging.

Your options for the Staging process are vast and always tailored to your personal needs and budget, and include:

  • Partial Staging
  • Full Staging
  • Color Consults
  • Open House Staging
  • Project Management
  • Vacant Staging – Full or Partial