Q: What is Home Staging and what is Re-Design? What’s the difference between the two?

A: In decorating, design, and redesign, there are no real rules. In Home Staging there definitely are. In decorating, design and redesign, anything goes – place your imagination in our capable hands and we will bring your dreams to life.

In Home Staging, it is not about you, your tastes, your realtors taste, or even the stagers at Bella Casa’s taste. It is about marketing a product ( your house) to yield a maximum profit in a short time frame. It is about knowing the demographics of your area and keying into what your potential buyer wants and needs. It’s about making your “product” (house) their dream home.
In decorating, design, and re-design it is all about you.

In Home Staging it is all about turning your potential buyer into your buyer.

At Bella Casa we know the difference between the art of decorating, design, and redesign ; and the science and business of marketing your home for sale. And, we do both well !

Q: Why don’t you quote prices on your website?

A: We believe it is horrifically irresponsible to do this since everyone’s situation is unique. There is no “one price fits all”. Each and every home is assessed according to the needs and our clients budgets, but one thing we do know is you will always be pleasantly surprised how affordable home staging and/or redesign can be with a plan tailored to you individually.

Q: The home I have for sale is vacant. What can be done for me?

A: All statistics tell us that a vacant home, whether brand new or older never shows well. That is why quality builders always go through the expense of staging the models. Most people cannot envision where to put their furnishings, the purpose of rooms, or, here’s the big one…”where do I put the TV?!”.

At Bella Casa, we have a full line of the most up to date new home furnishings, art, accessories and linens for purchase or rental to get your vacant home on the market fast and for your desired asking price. Should you prefer, we also offer shopping service to assist you in staging your home. Whether you want to partially stage your vacant home or fully stage it, we can make it happen for you and so affordably.

Q: I am tired of the way my house looks, but what can I do on a very limited budget?

A: That’s the beauty of Re-design! Also called a one day make over. Imagine you are living in the home of your dreams; like you stepped into a page of a magazine. Now imagine, your re-design has been done with what you already own. It’s real, it’s yours, and it was all done within your budget! Win-win!

Please send any questions you may have to info@abellacasa.com. We will be happy to answer them.